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    • 长沙市力波化工有限公司

    • 长沙市力波化工有限公司

      About Us

             Changsha Libo Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Xiangjiang River, the Liuyang River, and the     ancient city of Changsha, which has nurtured countless great men. It is a large-scale import and export chemical enterprise focusing on management and investment and development.
             The company is the general agent of the products of British Hemings Deqian Chemical Company, the products of Beijing Oriental Acrylic Company, the products of Chuzhou Green Company, the products of Suzhou Shiming Technology Company, and the products of Yixing Huayi Yipin Company in Hunan.
            Solvent-based, powder coating raw materials, chlorinated epoxy resin, Haimings Deqian hydroxy acrylic resin, rheology additives, leveling agents, anti-scratch agents, defoamers, wetting and dispersing agents, hammering agents, Adhesion promoter, curing accelerator, antistatic agent, anti-yellowing agent, wax powder, aluminum paste, etc.; Wanhua Chemical polyurethane curing agent; PQ Silicas silica matting powder.
            Water-based paint raw materials, Beijing Oriental Acrylic Emulsion, Acrylic Emulsion, Silicone Acrylic Emulsion, Back Cover Emulsion, Waterproof Emulsion and other architectural emulsions; Haimings Deqian, American Rohm and Haas thickener, rheological modification Paint additives, leveling agent, dispersant, defoamer, wetting agent, antifungal agent, bactericide, antifungal agent, color paste, etc.; Wanhua Chemical water-based additives, water-based resins.
            Pigment filler, DuPont, Jiangsu, Titanium rutile type titanium dioxide, Chuzhou grid anatase type titanium dioxide, sericite powder; Shanxi Jufeng kaolin; Guangxi Longguang talc powder; Huayi first product color powder; Suzhou world famous color paste; Precipitating barium sulfate, wollastonite, quartz sand, heavy calcium, light calcium, aluminum silicate, etc.
            Other products, paper-making dispersants, deinking agents, brighteners, sizing agents and other paper-making chemicals; and various cellulose, hydroxyethyl cellulose, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, polyacrylamide, polyvinyl alcohol Butyraldehyde, etc.;
            "Quality is the foundation, honesty is the only thing" is the tenet that Libo people follow. "Market-oriented, technology-based, management seeking efficiency" is our business policy. Over the years, the company has continued to meet the diverse needs of customers as its responsibility, adhering to the fine tradition of unity, pragmatism and innovation, relying on scientific and technological progress and management innovation, so that the company has achieved rapid development.
            We are willing to sincerely cooperate with our customers, merchants and people of insight from all walks of life, and develop together to create a better 21st century!
            Changsha Libo will adhere to the core values of "quality is the foundation, integrity is the only", always driven by customer needs, committed to scientific development, green development, and harmonious development, and is determined to build a sustainable enterprise and create well-being for the public.

            Corporate Vision: Become an industry benchmark
            Enterprise spirit: quality is the foundation, integrity is the only
            Business philosophy: Profession, focus, ingenuity, far-reaching
            Enterprise mission: Driven by customer needs at all times, we are committed to scientific development, green development, and harmonious development, and we are determined to build a sustainable enterprise and create benefits for the public.


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